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"Kima" was imported from Italy, and it can be confidently said that she represents a line of champions and American classics. Her entire family consists of dogs with outstanding pedigrees. She is a valuable representative, and her bloodline is exclusive. The breeding in Italy that produced Kima was done specifically for our kennel, allowing us to get a litter of puppies not from our own breeding, but under a program we dreamed of.

Kima carries the blood of Swogger, Millers, Garner's, and Lonzo. Her lineage includes dogs of medium and smaller-than-medium size. Her paternal uncle, Miller's Boogiqman, is one of the most titled dogs in the world! His pedigree includes so many valuable representatives of the breed that it seems like I have a whole store of diamonds in my hands.

"Kima" is not just a representative of the champion lineage, but also a true athlete with the incredible ability to maintain muscular shape effortlessly, even without specific training.

Kima does not exhibit zoological aggression, with a calm attitude towards other dogs if not provoked. Her exceptional qualities make Kima a wonderful addition to our breeding program, and her lack of zoological aggression makes her a pleasant family companion.

Registered ADBA [Link to Online Pedigree

Registered ADBA
Link Online Ped

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