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SEAL KENNEL - Your Best Friend

American Pitbull Terrier 

American Pitbull Terrier |
Kennel of American Pitbull Terriers

We are registered in the ADBA system

Explore our site and get to know the beautiful breed American Pitbull

Kennel of American pit bull terriers SEAL KENNEL| American Pitbull red nose. One day, an American pit bull terrier appeared in my house and I learned what a real, faithful, beautiful and ideal four-legged friend looks like.

We are working to ensure that everyone who wants to get a quality representative of the breed can realize their right to happiness.

A large selection of purebred pit bull terriers with a guarantee of health and high quality is what you can find on the pages of our website. And you, you will see on our website the best representatives of the breed that we collected from all over the world (Brazil, USA, Italy and other countries where we got our pit bulls), who now live in Ukraine, Kyiv.

Enjoy watching and see you soon.


Current news about puppies on the Breeding Plan page

tel. +38 (063) 582 68 69 WtsApp

Ukraine, Kyiv

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