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SEAL KENNEL SOUL Pitbull Пітбуль ФОТО найкращі апбт.jpg

SEAL (Gcks) Voland 

Voland is not just a pit bull; he's a true athlete with a robust anatomy! With his broad chest and powerful torso, he impresses with muscular strength and endurance. This wide-eyed beauty demonstrates exceptional enthusiasm and drive, which he has repeatedly shown in sports competitions.

Voland is a genuine enthusiast and refined athlete, possessing strong energy and a burning desire to win. His impressive character and performances in sports arenas make him a true star in the world of pit bulls.

What makes Voland exceptional? His tolerant attitude towards other dogs, his non-confrontational nature, and his ability to coexist make him ideal for living in a breeding facility. He is a true friend and a family favorite, impressing not only with his appearance but also with his excellent character.

Imported from Russia to Ukraine, this elegant beauty has won our hearts with his grace and talent. Standing at 54 centimeters tall and weighing 30 kilograms, Voland impresses not only with his looks but also with his athletic achievements.

This two-time young champion of Ukraine has proven his excellence in shows and sports. As a winner of sports competitions, he skillfully excels in disciplines such as walk climbing, long jump, and high jump. His impressive energy and agility make him unparalleled in the world of pit bulls.

Voland is not just a dog; he is the only son in Europe carrying the famous breeding line of Gotcks Apollo Lander with ancestors like Swogger, Greco, and Castilio. His innate loyalty and impressive heritage make him truly exceptional.

Moreover, Voland is not just an impressive athlete; his health stands out with high quality. Above all, he has passed testing for hereditary diseases, confirming the purity and strength of his genetic background. His health is confirmed by test results:

  • ATAxIA-CLEAR (free from ataxia)

  • PRACRD2-CLEAR (free from progressive retinal atrophy)

  • HYPERURICOSURIA-CLEAR (free from hyperuricosuria)

  • HD (hip dysplasia): A (free from dysplasia)

  • ED (elbow dysplasia): 0 (free from dysplasia)

These results indicate a high standard of care and responsibility for Voland's health. His genetics are identified as strong and free from hereditary diseases, making him not only outstanding but also a healthy representative of pit bulls.

Pedigree: ADBA | UKC | WKU | UCI Pedigree: online

SEAL KENNEL SOUL Pitbull Pitbull PHOTOS best abt.jpg

Soul is 2 years old. 25.12.2023


Bloodlines: Swogger's, Greco's, Gotck's, Miller's

Soul's parents

Soul was born in SEAL KENNEL and is part of our breeding program

Soul will have puppies soon

A choice without a choice.

A pit bull is a muscular gentleman who knows when to be strong and when to be gentle.

Soul and Lisan

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