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SEAL Lisan

Blood USA & Brazilian


Bloodline: Inbreeding 3:4 'PR' SWOGGER'S GIDEON OF GIDANY & 'PR'ACK'S EUROPA OF GOTCK, Swogger's, Greco's.

Lisan is a medium-sized pit bull of the terrier type, with a father from Brazil and a mother from the United States.  He looks extremely athletic, has a beautiful anatomy and a strong body structure.

First of all, we would like to inform you that Lisan took the prize of Miss Charisma of the Breeder! We don't have such charismatic dogs anymore! 


Her charisma and perfectly built anatomy made her the fury of all the shows we had the opportunity to visit! When Lisan entered the ring, other dogs simply ceased to exist, because having two strong cards, such as great looks and unsurpassed charisma, the judges could not resist. Unfortunately, time made its own adjustments in the form of first a covid and then a full-scale war. The potential of Lisan was unlimited, but the conditions around us limited us in such a wonderful activity as dog beauty shows. 

1)Dog Show Kherson in Ukraine.

 WJC, Best Junior, Best of the Group -2 place!


2) Dog Show Chernihiv in Ukraine

WJC, Best Junior -1 place, Best of the Group -1 place, Best of the Best -2 place!


3)Dog Show Kiev in Ukraine

WJC,Best Junior -1 place, Best of the Group -4


4)Dog Show Odessa in Ukraine

WJC, Best Junior -1 place, Best of the Group - 2


5) Dog Show Chernihiv in Ukraine

WJC, Best Junior -1 place, Best of the Group -3 


6) Dog Show Boyarka in Ukraine


Registered ADBA|UKC
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History of the LISAN pedigree

Del Manto Tex Mex (Br.)

father Dilara

( Del Manto Brazilian)

How did Lisan come to be? I clearly understood what bloodlines I was supposed to buy a puppy from, but it took me a long time to make the decision. In early spring, I had many different correspondences about the possible purchase of a puppy, but the final decision was still in the air. 


On my birthday, I decided that it was worth closing this issue and making deposits for unborn puppies (I always do this because it guarantees the first right of choice, which was very important to me). And so, on May 18, in the morning, I stand in a bank branch and make two deposits for two puppies from different couples. Looking ahead, I want to note that at that time, puppies were born from only one pair, where my Lisan was born. 

To say that we chose Lisan as a family is an understatement. For some reason, I couldn't make a decision on my own and invited my family and friends to an online review. Videos of all the puppies could be found at all my friends' homes for sure. My friends, who had a lot of experience in dog breeding, also helped me choose, calculating the degree of angulation from the video and commenting on which of the puppies would have a short shoulder. That's it, we chose the chocolate bitch that the whole village called. 


Time passed. I was constantly thinking about Lisan. I felt that I was still restless inside. Lisan was free for sale and there was no client for her either. One morning I woke up with a clear decision that everything was going wrong. I need another dog. I call the kennel, ask if Lisan is still available, and get a positive answer. 
That's it, peace of mind. Now a special dog is coming to my house and I can feel it for sure. A few days later, the first photos of Lisan were published, and I was very happy that she was now my dog, because the photo showed a special puppy!


Since then, I have never involved other participants in the selection of dogs, because it doesn't matter how much experience they have. The only thing that matters is that you must feel that you are doing the right thing. Sometimes fate has its own plans, you just have to trust it a little bit. 


Well, now let's talk about parents. Starting to write this section, I would like to express my special joy that I had the opportunity to personally see many of the ancestors of this beauty. But still, I feel sad every time I look at the photos of my great-grandparents and realize that I will never be able to see these dogs with my own eyes again, because they are somewhere in the USA and Brazil, so far away from me 


It would be logical to start this section with Lisan's parents. After a pit bull show in Naples, Italy, where I was invited as a judge, I had the opportunity to visit several dog kennels. I didn't even think to waste time and quickly went to inspect the kennels on the spot, and then with great anticipation bought tickets to Bologna. There I had to pick up Gotcks Bellatrix, who was Lisan's mother and whom I bought back later, after Lisan became an adult.


Well, the first place to meet is Del Manto Tex-Mex, who became Lisan's father and opened the Brazilian lines for us. 


Yes, that's right, it was the first place I met when I arrived in Bologna. When I walked into the kennel's walking area, I was greeted by a big dog with amber eyes and a big head. Tex did not understand anything in English, but this did not prevent me from finding quick communication with him. He was a very kind dog to strangers, who quickly made contact and wanted to get food or a ball for his services as soon as possible.
The sturdy big pit bull had a good build, lots of muscles and very special eyes. Of course, I knew Tex before, as I had been exploring the Internet and already had Tex's daughter, Lisan, whom I had brought in 2 years earlier. But meeting him in person is always a different experience. 

The famous Brazilian grandfather

Del Manto Arthas is one of the most titled pit bull terriers in Brazil. It is difficult even now to recreate all the victories he has won during his career.


Of course, it would be nice to have a complete chronicle of his career, but it is difficult to track down now and takes a lot of time. 

If I have a chance, I will try to reproduce all the information, because I want the memory of the dogs to be not limited to beautiful photos. 


Grandfather Arthas


Brazilian panther

When looking for information about your ancestors, you especially appreciate direct quotes from the owners or people close to them, because they allow you to form a more complete impression of the situation. On the Internet, I found a direct quote from Landa's owner: “Legend, created by a friend of mine, Jorge Silveira, will soon contribute to our breeding program. A bitch of excellent conformation and with a well-balanced pedigree between traditional lines with dogs like Frisco, Mayday, etc... Dogs from our breeding, in addition to the strong presence of TNT, a dog of the Vegas line imported by us in 2006, as well as the great Stallone of a friend of the creator Ivanclayton de Menezes. In addition to our breeding work, Legend is to be part of the DM/NoFear project of dogs for the sport of Pit Gameness, which features beasts such as Marcelo Volponi, Bruno Mandelli e Ricardo “Zandor” Rodrigues. We thank Matheus from the Pit Gameness Nation for sending us this wonderful dog."(c) Marcella Del Manto


To understand a pit bull terrier, you just need to look into his eyes. There you will find boundless devotion and unwavering faith in your owner.
(c) Richard Stretton

It is difficult to overestimate the contribution of each dog that can be found in the Lisan pedigree. Each generation, each representative of the breed left behind something special, something native and absolutely unique.

And I want to remind you that you can view Lisan's closest relatives on our site, namely Gotck's Bellatrix, Seal Thor, Seal Katana



Winter Photos Lisan