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Why do we love the American Pit Bull Terrier?

The beauty of the pit bull: revealing the advantages of the breed

Pit bulls are often perceived with fear and negative stereotypes, but true connoisseurs of this breed know how beautiful and graceful these dogs can be. Using Seal Lisan's photo as an example, let's take a look at why pit bulls deserve our admiration.

SEAL Lisan (USA- Bra)

SEAL Lisan (USA- Bra)

Physique and muscles

Pit bulls are known for their unsurpassed physical form. The muscles of this breed are well developed, which indicates their strength and endurance. They have a powerful torso and strong paws, which gives them a confident and proud appearance. These are dogs that combine elegance and athleticism.

Our kennel Seal Kennel, which is fruitfully working on the creation of red nouse pitbull, strives to get dogs that meet only these parameters. You will not find thin-boned and light-built dogs with us. We strive to preserve a sense of strength, power and grace in our dogs.

Wool and Color

The coat of pit bulls is short and smooth, which gives them a well-groomed appearance and makes them easy to care for. Color variations can be very diverse - from pure white to black, with all possible shades in between. This variety makes each pit bull unique. We prefer brown, red and fawn representatives of the breed. You will not find black dogs in our kennel (perhaps in the future we will revise our views).

Seal Dilara is a brown pit bull from Seal Kennel

White pit bull terrier SEAL Nola from SEAL Kennel

Seal Alpha from Seal Kennel

Expressiveness of the Muzzle

Pit bulls have a very expressive face that reflects their emotions. They can appear serious and playful at the same time, which makes them charming to those who are familiar with their personality. A pit bull's eyes can be true mirrors of the soul, showing


Pit bulls are dogs that can impress with their beauty and grace. They have a strong build, expressive features and a rich palette of colors. Despite the stereotypes, pit bulls can be wonderful pets that will bring a lot of joy and love into your life.

Let's look at pit bulls from the other side and acknowledge their beauty and devotion. They deserve our admiration and respect.

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