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SEAL Dilara

Blood USA & Brazilian


Bloodline: Inbreeding 3:4 'PR'GOTC'S HADRON EPOCH & 'PR'ACK'S EUROPA OF GOTCK, Swogger's, Greco's.

Dilara is a medium-sized pit bull of the terrier type, with a father from Brazil and a mother from the United States.  She looks extremely athletic, has a beautiful anatomy that corresponds to the ADBA format, but at the same time retains a strong physique. Her shape makes her a valuable specimen in shows of all conformations, which is already a confirmed fact, as she has won many times at shows in Italy.

Not only does this representative of the rednouse pit bull have a beautiful appearance, but she is also a specimen that perfectly complements the bloodlines of our dogs.

It was a deliberate decision to buy her, based on the calculations of future plans for several generations to come.  So we are delighted to welcome Dilara, who is a full-blooded niece of our beautiful Gotcks Delta Velorum, whom we imported from the USA. 


It is worth adding that Dilara is highly food and play motivated. Dilara's favorite activity is to run on a mechanical treadmill without any motivating toys! We even have to limit her in this activity, as she doesn't know the limits. And in second place is the honorable desire to play with a “fishing rod”. 


A nice bonus for us was the fact that Dilara is a very comfortable dog when communicating with other animals and does not show animal aggression, of course, this is not solely her achievement, but also the result of fruitful work and proper behavior of the people around her. 

Genetic research: pure in origin

Registered ADBA|UKC
Link Online Ped

History of the Dilara pedigree

The famous Brazilian grandfather

Del Manto Artas is one of the most titled pit bull terriers in Brazil. It is difficult even now to recreate all of his victories that he won during his career.


Of course, it would be nice to have a complete chronicle of his career, but now it is difficult to track and takes a lot of time.

If possible, I will definitely try to reproduce all the information, because I want the memory of the dogs to be not limited to only beautiful photos.


Del Manto Arthas


Brazilian panther

When looking for information about your ancestors, you especially appreciate direct quotes from the owners or people close to them, because they allow you to form a more complete impression of the situation. On the Internet, I found a direct quote from Landa's owner: “Legend, created by a friend of mine, Jorge Silveira, will soon contribute to our breeding program. A bitch of excellent conformation and with a well-balanced pedigree between traditional lines with dogs like Frisco, Mayday, etc... Dogs from our breeding, in addition to the strong presence of TNT, a dog of the Vegas line imported by us in 2006, as well as the great Stallone of a friend of the creator Ivanclayton de Menezes. In addition to our breeding work, Legend is to be part of the DM/NoFear project of dogs for the sport of Pit Gameness, which features beasts such as Marcelo Volponi, Bruno Mandelli e Ricardo “Zandor” Rodrigues. We thank Matheus from the Pit Gameness Nation for sending us this wonderful dog."(c) Marcella Del Manto

Ace differen age

To understand a pit bull terrier, you just need to look into its eyes. There you will find boundless loyalty and unwavering faith in its owner.
(c) Richard Stratton 

It is difficult to overestimate the contribution of each dog that can be found in Kima's pedigree. Each generation, each representative of the breed has left behind something special, something dear and absolutely unique. 


And I want to remind you that you can see Kima's closest relatives on our website, because together with Kima we brought 2 more beautiful pit bulls, namely her sister Kima and her brother Venum. 

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